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Vocalist. Visionary. Musician. Adventure Seeker. Artist. Alchemist. Creative Mentor


Hello, my name is Ashley Edwards Founder of EYE. I am a musician and artist currently recording music and pursuing projects in the Southwest. Last year, I completely changed up my life and took a creative/spiritual sabbatical in Morocco, where I taught myself to let go and fall in love with the moment. I'm as passionate about living my life freely as I am helping others realize their own powerful potential. Pursuing dreams is a sacred process where we expose our rawness and capacity to be vulnerable. I believe sharing our dream journey is crucial to our understanding our sense of purpose.

Along with passion - which I consider to be our life's work - each dream demands courage, dedication, flow, patience, poise, and tenacity. This means getting more real with ourselves, making decisions and taking action, allowing for mistakes while cultivating developing an acute sense of radical appreciation. Oh, and don't forget the universe loves to throw in a clever and sometimes wicked dose of humor, so keep yours too.  It takes vigilance to maintain balance and find peace in the process.  

Wherever you are on your journey, it is my pleasure and honor to meet you where you are, learn about your project, and see if we might be a good match as client/mentor.

I have a knack for tuning into the energy of a project, seeing doors where others see obstacles, outlining steps to increase efficiency with creative resolution.  I can help you interpret intuitive leads and assist you in conceptualizing strategy that will help shift your creative potential from vision to empowered action.  

Let's connect!

With love,

empower your evolution


Creative Services portfolio includes but is not limited to:

  • vocal performance & production

  • band booking & talent placement

  • small or large-scale event production

  • concert production

  • film services & production

  • branding services

  • marketing & design

  • conceptual projects

  • strategic planning and development

  • non-profit development and consulting

please feel free to contact me directly